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13 September 2021

Philippe Romano

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Philippe Romano was born in Grasse on the 23rd of December 1957.

Son of a Perfumer, he grew up in Spain in the middle of Orange Trees, bare feet and with his nose up in the air. It is this time that gave him the taste of freedom, because Philippe was the freest spirit you will ever meet.

Philippe was trained as a perfumer at Robertet Grasse, and then he expanded his knowledge by working in Japan, Brazil and in the USA, to finally join the Robertet Paris Team. Then he joined Drom Fragrances and shared his talent and his passion for more than 18 years. He also took the time to share a part of his knowledge and expertise by training young perfumers.

Philippe liked to work with the floral notes and the fruity tones. By working with Flavourists, he learnt to use the butyrate and sulfuric notes like no one else. He actively participated in the emergence of the fruity family in Fine Fragrance, especially by creating some of the limited editions of the most iconic Escada.

Like a lot of Perfumers, Philippe was an epicurean, and he had a sense of beauty and goodness. He loved Japanese culture, nice whisky, Tagada strawberries, rosé wine, the Mediterranean Sea, riding motorbike, playing guitar and sharing quality moments with the people who were so important to him.

Philippe left us on the 12th of August of this year, after 3 years of determined fight against the disease which didn’t leave him a moment of rest.

He left behind him his wife Nathalie and his two daughters Chloé and Lola.

Without the talent, passion and humility of Philippe Romano, the Perfumery World will never be the same.



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