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20 December 2021

Santosh Shinde, perfumer at Givaudan India

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After the success of the first online course on the Art of Sustainability Perfumery, the ISPC would like to highlight two Indian perfumers who shared their experiences during the Fragrance structure and smelling course sessions.
let’s start with Santosh Shinde, perfumer at Givaudan India.After his graduation in Perfumery & Cosmetics, he started to be a trainee Perfumer in 1999. Santosh didn’t plan to become a perfumer at first, but his diploma gave him a basic fragrance knowledge and triggered his interest for the World of Perfumery. His preferred Raw Materials are Galaxolide, Dihydromyrcenol and Bergamot oil, because they can act as fragrance themselves. His favourite fragrances are Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche and Kouros by YSL.
He takes inspiration from nature and food.


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