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Subramanian Iyer Perfumer at Givaudan India

23 December 2021 Association
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Subramanian Iyer, Perfumer at Givaudan India shared his passion and experience at the Art of Sustainable Perfumery course. After his Bachelor in Colour Chemistry, in 1990 at the University of Mumbai, he started a Master course in Perfumery and Flavour technology, and he was the first student to start this degree. After completion of the Master Degree, he joined a Petro Chemical company for synthesis of Aroma Chemicals from Petro Chemical Feedstock. He worked on a process to synthetise Aliphatic Aldehydes and Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol Acetate from Feedstock. In 1994, he took the smelling test at Quest International and they recruited him as a Trainee Perfumer. He was trained by Les Small at Quest Ashford. Then, in 2008, when Givaudan took over Quest, Subramanian continued to work for Givaudan. He has been working as a creative Perfumer for the last 27 years in cross category. For him it’s difficult to name his favourite Raw Material, but to pick some he would like to say Hedione, Javanol and Patchouli oil. His favourite fragrances are J’adore by Dior and Mont Blanc Legend. He takes his inspiration from Painting and Classical Indian Music.

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Navale AMIT
6 months ago
He is always inspiring Perfumer
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