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ISPC at the webinar about Impact of the CLP revision on natural complex substance use in cosmetic products

27 février 2024 Association
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ISPC was glad to join the webinar organized the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and Cosmetics Europe on 16 February, on “the impact of the CLP revision on natural complex substance use in cosmetic products”.


Several ISPC members joined the webinar, attended by more than 180 people, to learn more about the outcome of the revision of the CLP legislation in Europe, and what this would concretely mean for perfumer’s daily work.   Although it was clear that recent achievements under CLP are heading in the right direction, the diversity of the perfumer’s palette remains challenged by potential severe restrictions linked to the classification of certain ingredients, especially for naturals. 


This webinar was therefore an opportunity for ISPC, through the voice of co-President Calice Becker, to provide some hints on the daily work of perfumer-creators, crafting fragrances that will delight consumers - within the boundaries of safety and sustainability. 


Although present in marginal quantities in products, fragrances bring with them a huge benefit to consumers in terms of well-being, self-confidence and for our social interactions. 


As part of the exchanges, Calice Becker therefore sought advice from Mr Christos Vasilakos, Senior Policy Advisor to Member of the European Parliament Maria Spyraki on the future of exposure-driven rules in Europe, taking into account the well-known adage “the dose makes the poison”, and the role perfumer-creators can play to take part in these debates.

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