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Created in 1990, l’Osmothèque has 3 objectives:

  • The first perfume archive in all history : The Osmothèque collection today represents more than 4,000 perfumes, including 400 that are no longer available. 
  • The  Osmothèque encompasses the heritage of French perfumery, enabling us to retrace the epic saga of the fragrance industry from when the very rst synthetic molecules were introduced, up until contemporary times. It keeps seeking for discontinued fragrances and ensure that it can recreate them. 
  • Knowledge sharing: the Osmothèque is deeply involved in passing on learning, both through talks on perfume-related topics intended for industry insiders and keen amateurs, and through its publications.





The Société Française des Parfumeurs is an association established under the French law of July 1, 1901.

The SFP was founded to bring together those working in perfumery and related industries, and encourage the study of all artistic, scienti c, technical, pedagogical, historical, or general- interest issues with a bearing on the sector. This remit puts the SFP in a position to defend and promote standards of excellence in French perfumery.

With 75 years of existence, the SFP counts today more than 900 professionals – both French and European – as active members, all involved in the fragrance industry, including perfume designers, marketing heads, evaluators, quality assessors, production managers, legislators,  and lots more besides.

Société Française des Parfumeurs


ASP, American Society of Perfumers


Our members only organization consisting of established professionals in the art and science of perfumery develop the fragrances of the world. Our mission is to Educate, Support and Promote the Perfumer in the fragrance industry. By working together with other organizations we help to insure appropriate regulatory guidelines and adhere to the standards set for safe and beautiful fragrances.

Our perfumer only members hold to the high code of perfumery ethics upheld by our organization. Most importantly, we strive to inspire artistic creativity, incorporate scientific ingenuity and maintain the integrity of our profession.

Established in 1947, the ASP brings together a group of specialized professionals who work in the very unique and challenging industry of fragrance. The members lend each other support and a special brand of camaraderie. Knowledge that can sometimes only be learned through time and experience has been passed down from the charter members of 1947 to the current members. By these means this specialized and time honored expertise will be passed on to generations of perfumers yet to come, preserving our profession and industry for future generations. 

American Society of Perfumers



The Society supports the education and development of the people in the perfume industry, and facilitates the exchange of views and items of professional interest. The BSP hosts a full calendar of monthly events – lectures, presentations, workshops, visits and meetings; with the annual One Day Symposium every May and the bi-annual Perfumery Workshop Weekend in the spring being the two particular highlights in the calendar.

Founded over 50 years ago, the Society has over 400 members, split between trade-based membership levels and a new category for people who are not part of the trade but are otherwise passionate about perfumery. The six categories of membership are:  Full Members (perfumer-creators who spent at least five years working in the industry), Associate Members (people who work in the fragrance industry), Honorary Members, Retired Members, Student Members, and Friends of the BSP (who may not all work in the industry but are all knowledgeable perfume enthusiasts). The membership is mostly based in the United Kingdom, though some members are based in other regions.

All of the perfumery profession is represented within the society – the membership includes perfumers-creators, evaluators, marketers, perfume sales, ingredient sales, quality controllers, legislation managers – every type of professional in the trade who wants to help continue the Society’s mission. The Society is a great place to form new connections and keep being involved in the exchange of ideas between generations.

British Society of Perfumers



German Society of Perfumers (DGP)


The German Society of Perfumers (DGP) is a sub-group of the SEPAWA e.V. (a professional association for the detergent/cleaner, cosmetic and perfume industry).

The DGP has existed since 1979 as a cross-regional association of perfumers and experts from the perfume sector and the corresponding industry.

Our aim is the promotion of scientific and innovative activities in the field of perfumery and to impart the subject of fragrance as an emotional-aesthetical element to the general public.

Smells trigger a wealth of emotions and memories in people, they evoke individually specific and memorable experiences, so the scent is usually key in choosing a personal care or household product.

DGP strengthens the profile of the perfumers and offers all specialists active in the industry a platform for the creative exchange of ideas with various specialist events, study trips and through cooperating with other international perfume companies or associations.

The DGP awards annually a promotion prize with 2000 € at the DGP Spring Conference for the best submitted thesis in a field of expertise the perfumery or adjacent areas such as sensory, perceptual physiology, -psychology, perfume research, ingredients research, etc.

Deutsche Gesellschaft der Parfümeure